Jiangxi Qucheng Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010. It is located in Jinxi Industrial Park zone, Jiangxi Province, China, and it is another production base of Zhejiang Qucheng Fluoride Chemical co., Ltd. in Jiangxi Province. The enterprise covers an area of 30 thousand square meters and the annual out put of fluoride salts can be 10 thousand tons and the enterprise is a new and high tech enterprise based on the fluoride resources in Jiangxi Province.

Zhejiang Qucheng Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded by Mr. Zhang Junhang who founded Pan'an Qucheng Fluoride chemical co., Ltd. It is another high new tech enterprise which involves in the R&D, production and management of fluoride chemicals. The enterprise is located in Gangqian Industrial Park zone, Pan'an County, Zhejiang Province, China. The enterprise covers an area of 20 thousand square meters and the building..



Ammonium silifofluoride25kg

Fluorosilicate T/barrel

Sodium fluoride

Potassium siliconfluoride

Potassium siliconfluoride T/pack

Ammonium fluoride

Potassium bifluoride

Magnesium fluoride

Sodium bifluoride

Ammonium bifluoride

Fluoboric Acid 250kg

Potassium fluotitanate25kg

Potassium fluoroborate25kg

Potassium fluoroborate T/pack

Sodium fluoroborate drum

Potassium fluotitanate T/pack

Ammonium fluoroborate25kg

Ammonium fluoroborate drum

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